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❤️ Christmas with my beautiful Mumma. Perfect! xxx
Exciting things happening! @londonmgtgroup

Yesterday was a painful yet beautiful day. You would have frothed out on all the people who came to celebrate your life yesterday Zac, you would have loved the feeling of unity that came over us all. I am so blessed to have known you, and grateful for the friendship you gave the people I loved. You wanted to change the world and without knowing, you already did with that big heart of yours. Fly high zaccy, and keep riding that golden wave. Rest in paradise xxxx


Today my community took the time to farewell our beloved Zac Young, the most courageous, humble, compassionate, loving boy many of us had met! He was such an inspiration and guided many of the people I loved in the right direction! Over the years that I’ve known Zac, I have seen so many qualities that made him a perfect specimen! His raps always made me laugh, his wisdom always touched my heart, his stories always were worth the listen and his smile will never be forgotten. Rest easy up there Zac, look after us all. Xxxx

Sleep easy legend


I love naked men and plants